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To the educators all over the world

We value and appreciate the very important work you do for our children and youth, for their wellbeing and their sustainable future. A big and heartfelt: Thank you!

To support your daily work, our highly experienced Master Trainer have put together some short, very easy to use and highly effective exercises (tools).

Our 6 associations already have more than 7.400 members in 87 countries worldwide. Please use this opportunity to benefit from the rich expertise of our Master Trainers, feel free to use the exercises in this book that resonate with you most and please give us your feedback.

This book is just the beginning of a series of books. Videos, special training offers and scientific research for the efficiency of these tools are planned as well. All this will evolve with your feedback regarding what tools are most useful and which ones you can apply best in your very special situations and want more off.

  • NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Coaching
  • Hypnosis
  • Systemic Constellation
  • Mindfulness
  • Positive Psychology
Welcome Letter Nandana & Karl

Welcome Letter from Nandana & Karl

Wherever you are living and teaching, you are doing one of the most important jobs in the world. Education is the way that humanity can survive and thrive and live together successfully. We value and appreciate...

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A 5 Minute Introduction to the 5 Minute Toolbox!

Welcome to the 5 Minute Edu-Coaching Toolbox! We know you are busy and we have just a short introduction here to get you started. Then you can jump right into the practical tools that we believe will really help you and your students. Have fun!

Why did we create the Toolbox?

To support Educators with their challenging task

In the Master Training meeting held in August 2020, one of the many useful discussions was about using our combined expertise to help educators to improve the communication and quality of education in schools.

One of the most straightforward and useful suggestions was for us to create a practical manual for educators based on positive education, coaching, NLP, hypnosis, mindfulness and related modalities.

The world is facing pretty serious problems including global warming and less international cooperation and support for international organizations. Better education is likely to be key in ensuring the long-term sustainability and peace of humankind.

As coaches and trainers and communication experts, we know that the quality of learning and communication in education around the world can be greatly improved. Educators are a vital part of this, and if we can help to improve the quality of teaching even a little bit, it may help support the larger goals of world peace and environmental sustainability.

We Evolve/Empower Us

  • To utilize our skill sets (coaching, NLP, mindfulness, etc)
  • To market the associations
  • To prepare the market for the institutes
  • Integration of the resources of all the associations to create tools that really engage the human brain
  • Spread core presuppositions of NLP/coaching to a wider audience ( Positive beliefs, resources, failure-->feedback, Let life happen - acceptance - openness - flexibility)

We Evolve Family, Community, and Society

  • How to connect to all learn from all … the class room is only the beginning
  • Connect to parents, family
  • Sow seeds for wider learning
  • Respond to educational needs and 21st century needs in learning (social, learning, interpersonal, intrapersonal, …): develop different skills
  • To enlarge/expand the meaning of “learning” and “education” to make it more holistic
  • To connect basic items of educational systems to real life

Empower students

  • To encourage students to keep learning and to stay in school (many students drop-out because they feel misunderstood and educators can’t deal with them)
  • To widen students’ perspectives - to go beyond logic and to create a sense of belonging in a wider system which recognizes different facets of intelligence; to give learners a chance to talk about their emotions

What is the Toolbox?

You never know until you know

We have created a practical manual for educators with tools that you can easily and comfortably integrate into your everyday lessons. The manual is suitable for all educators – but certain tools could be more suitable for certain age groups (primary, secondary, university), and we make suggestions about this in each tool.

The tools in the manual are drawn from a range of fields including:

  • NLP
  • Hypnosis
  • Coaching
  • Mindfulness
  • Positive psychology
  • Other related disciplines

The manual is informed by some great learning frameworks like 4MAT and Logical Levels. If you would like to know more about the frameworks, we have included some references at the back of this manual.

How can you use the Toolbox?

Just do it

Just like this introduction, each activity in the manual follows the same basic template of WHY? WHAT HOW? WHAT IF? You might guess that we like this format (4MAT)! These are fairly self-explanatory, but we have also explained them briefly below.


Why is this tool useful? Does it help classroom communication or does it motivate students or does it help students to learn better?


What is the tool? What does it look or sound like? Is it written or spoken or...


How do you do it? That’s important, right!

What if?

What if you want to use it with kids, or with seniors, or with university students? What if you don’t have a certain resource… and much more…

What if you have questions?

Just get in touch

If you have any questions about how to use and adapt these tools for your teaching situation, please get in touch - our contact details are in the next section.

Meet the Authors

We would love to meet every teacher in person, but for the moment, let us introduce ourselves. We are a team of coaches, educators, and positive psychologists who truly believe that education and learning are important, and we believe that educators are the best ones to make real changes. We have included contact information below, so please get in touch if you would like to set up a workshop, learn about more resources, or just chat!

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